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During day one of CRS 2018, I spoke with Steve Goetzman and Marlon Hargis of the famed country band from Kentucky, Exile.

Celebrating their 55-year anniversary as a band, I had to ask them what their secret was on staying together for such a long time as it is not common for bands to have such a successful, long-standing relationship. Both Goetzman and Hargis gave great reasons for the band's success, however, what they did not credit was their fun-loving personalities and ability to have a great time together. 

As we sat during our interview, I found myself laughing while these two seasoned artists cracked jokes and had fun. Without getting too silly on camera, we continued to have a great time. As we discussed their hit song "Kiss You All Over" celebrating its 40-year anniversary, we also spoke about what it was like to have that song featured in the popular Adam Sandler movie Happy Gilmore. What I found most interesting about this part of the conversation was that I honestly had no clue about what it takes to get a song into a movie, let alone how the artist benefits from it. The information they shared with me was simply fascinating.

As we continued our conversation, Hargis and Goetzman explained what they are working on now. Fans will be excited to know that there is new Exile music on the horizon. Watch our full conversation now to hear their plans for the release of their next album and to learn more about their newest project involving their "Lost Tapes" and demos that are being re-created. 

To stay up to date with the latest news from Exile, please follow them on social media at the links below. Be sure to watch for a show date near you and be on the lookout for new music coming soon.  Thanks for watching. ~Missy


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