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CRS 2018 was full of smiles as artists connected to friends, media, management, and radio personnel. Watching each of them have the opportunity to share what they have been working on was extremely special. They were all there for the same basic goal, promoting their hard work and sharing their success with others. 

As I happily sat with Terry McBride, we discussed his latest single "Boots Off" from his latest album release Hotels & Highways. McBride beamed with excitement as we discussed this Billboard charting single, however, talking about the lyric video for "Boots Off" seemed to mean a little more to McBride. 

As a collector of fine boots, McBride was able to incorporate 15 pairs into the video, though there was one pair in particular that holds a special place in McBride's heart. He was proud to have been able to include a pair of his Dad's show boots into the lyric video as it makes the video that much more meaningful to him. As McBride explained the creation of this video and including these special boots, I could not help but feel the amount of love that was pouring out of him in his father's memory.  Dale McBride must certainly be smiling down on his beloved son. 

As we continued our conversation, I had to ask McBride about the video he recorded at the Rochester, New York airport that went viral. The "Tarmac Dancer" as he is referred, gained quite a bit of popularity after McBride posted a picture of him dancing as he guided the plane with his marshaling wands or handheld illuminated beacons. Kyran Ashford seemed to become famous overnight, though he was already considered a star at the Rochester airport. Since the original posting of the video, McBride has had the chance to get to know Ashford and even took time to interview with him before posting yet another "Tarmac Dancer" video that went viral for the second time. McBride laughed as he explained that he needed to utilize the help of Jukin Media for the many requests he was receiving to use these two videos that have reached millions of viewers across the world.

 McBride has encountered many exciting opportunities since his latest album release and there no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. Hitting the road with artists such as Lee Brice along with playing some sold-out nights definitely make for a thrilling journey. Be sure you take the time to catch McBride at one of his upcoming tour dates. Sit back, relax, Take your boots off and stay awhile. ~Missy



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