CRS 2018 with Missy: The Swon Brothers

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Day one of CRS 2018 went off without a hitch. Knowing that I had a schedule that included The Swon Brothers, I could not help but wonder how much fun we were going to have this time.

As I sat with Zach and Colton Swon, I found myself laughing almost immediately. These two brothers are extremely entertaining and packed with positivity, giant hearts, and loads of talent and fun.  Without fail, both Colton and Zach cracked jokes making sure the viewers and I had a great time.

One of the most important puzzle pieces to this duo's success is their fans. I have watched their interactions with fans since these brothers auditioned for a spot on NBC's The Voice. As their success and popularity have grown, both Zach and Colton have remained themselves. Observing how they treat fans along with how much their fans love them has led me to develop some new friends along the way. The happiness that oozes out of fans as they attend a "Swoncert" for the first or 100th time is something that I will never get tired of witnessing. Thier fans have become bonded to one another, which makes the entire experience of a "Swoncert" that much more special.

As our conversation at CRS continued, I explained that fans have been dying to know when their new single would be coming out, as a few have sent me messages. I was honestly surprised and flattered by their response. Be sure to watch our full conversation now to find out when you can get your hands on their newest single "Whatever Happened". 

If you are not following The Swon Brothers as of yet, please take a moment to follow them at their links below. You will be so glad you do. There is just nothing better than the harmonies between siblings. ~Missy


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The Swon Brothers Tour Dates

08/29/2024 : The Swon Brothers: Largo, FL

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