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Nashville is a melting pot of all types of music and artists. Having the opportunities to get to know the many artists that make this town come to life have been one of the many perks of this career. Often I find myself getting lost in each artists collection of music. The same can be said for Emma White's music. I was immediately drawn in by her ability to deliver the exact emotion each lyric called for.

Though I had a very difficult time picking a favorite song, her single "Not That Into You" topped my list. I was pleasantly surprised when she claimed that one as her favorite along with "My Ex". Quite frankly, her entire self-titled EP is worth listening to on repeat. 

While sitting with White on a beautiful Fall evening with the "Batman" building directly behind us, we engaged in a very fun and informative conversation. Knowing many of the recent successes White has experienced in her music career, I was elated to watch her describe what it was like to achieve these milestones. Her stunning smile lit up the night more vividly than the Nashville city lights. 

One thing that I tend to ask artists frequently is their experience singing the National Anthem. On White's website, I encountered a video of her performance of our nation's most patriotic song. There was something extra special about the end of the video that stood out to me and made my heart smile. As we discussed this particular performance, White recalled who captured the special moment on video as well as the moments leading up to it. I could not help but smile. 

White has many exciting things to share with fans, so be sure to check out her website and follow her on social media for the latest news and updates. Be sure to stay tuned for new music videos as well. You will not want to miss them. Until then, please watch out full conversation now to join in our fun. ~Missy


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Emma White Tour Dates

06/16/2023 : Hard Rock Cafe: Washington, DC

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