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Whenever I have the opportunity to revisit with an artist, I grab it. Artists like Audra McLaughlin always have something new and exciting to talk about for the fans to enjoy. I must admit, I love talking with artists about anything and everything under the sun, not just music.

As soon as I walked in the room, I noticed something very different about McLaughlin since our last conversation during CMA Fest. Her hair was no longer brunette, instead, a beautiful shade of "arrest me red". No, that is not technically the name of the particular shade of red, however, it describes what I feel is the most noticeable, vibrant, gorgeous shade of red available. As girls often do, we spoke about our hair and change for a few minutes before getting into the music.

Her latest video for her single "Boomerang" was a bit intense. Though I had no specific expectations for this video, I was immediately captivated by the content within it. I eagerly asked McLaughlin whose concept it was for the video. As soon as she began talking about it, I could tell that this was a project she was very happy with and proud of. This video captured the honesty of women lusting for the "Bad Boy". In reality, this is something that many women can relate to, though it was the chemistry between McLaughlin and the actor who portrayed her "Bad Boy" that intensified this video. You just need to watch it for yourself.

McLaughlin has made the shift from visiting Nashville to residing in the Music City. One thing that many can agree on, moving to Nashville to pursue your career in music is an extremely smart decision. The networking alone is amazing and something you cannot quite explain, rather you need to experience the magic of it.

Like most girls do, we continued our conversation with other important things like shopping, love for animals, friends, family, fans, coffee, and more. Be sure to watch our full conversation now and get in on all the fun. Be sure to check out the video for "Boomerang" now and stay tuned to McLaughlin's website for news and upcoming shows. ~Missy


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