Wizard World Comic Con with Kato Kaelin

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For those of you who have been to a Comic Con, you expect to see Cos Players, celebrity guests, shopping, and great entertainment. For those of you who have not been to the Wizard World Comic Con, you are missing out on one of the greatest MC's that I have ever seen, Kato Kaelin.

As a fan of great entertainment and fun, Kaelin did not disappoint. From his witty jokes, exciting trivia, and hysterical crowd interaction, Kaelin had the entire audience in Nashville's Music City Center roaring with laughter as MC on the entertainment stage. 

Our very own Center Stage Magazine Co-founder found himself participating in a trivia challenge with another Wizard World Comic Con fan hosted by Kaelin. Though he got his answer wrong, Kaelin still gifted our co-founder with an event t-shirt. Laughing the entire time, I enjoyed watching these comic con fan experiences with Kaelin as people were genuinely having a great time and for a brief moment were able to focus on Kaelin's tomfoolery rather than the stress of everyday life. Kaelin made sure each guest wore a smile properly plastered across their face and was not stopping until he made that happen.

As the job of being an MC goes, Kaelin by far surpassed my expectations and instantly took the top spot in my book. Kaelin eventually had his opportunity to call me up for some trivia as well. I wish I could say I answered my question correctly, however, I failed miserably. I cannot believe I forgot the name of Superman's dog. He was kind and gifted me a Suicide Squad wallet anyway.

There is a lot more to Kaelin than meets the eye. Underneath his humor, you will find an artist that loves to create and has a passion for his work on screen. Kaelin shared some of his recent work with us as the face of Guesthouserent.com as well as the upcoming project Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

For more on Kaelin, please follow him on social media. Trust me when I say, you do not want to miss out on his "Airport Races" episodes. First, enjoy our very fun interview, you will not be sorry. ~Missy



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