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On a beautiful day in downtown Nashville, I met with Christine Sweeney to talk about her career as an independent pop artist with a touch of folk, and blues. As soon as we met, I knew I was going to like this talented artist.

Sweeney is an East Coast girl with a sense of humor and level of adventure that many people are not brave enough to embrace. As she told me an exciting yet eerie story about filming her music video for "How It Started" in Brooklyn, I was immediately captivated. Moments that may have been scary for Sweeney would have no doubt terrified me. The level of trust she possesses along with her vision for her craft is exactly why I am sure that she will go far in her career. Watch our full video for the full scoop on her thrilling story.

We continued our conversation with plans for more music and the plan to release an album that will incorporate songs re-crafted from her EP, thus taking fans on a unique musical journey. With hard work, support from loyal fans, and a Kickstarter campaign, the new album will be an intimate experience for fans. 

Sweeney and I could not help but get a bit silly while we talked about emotions. As she explained what it was like to perform a song that took her two years to be able to do, she explained that now she can dip into the emotion of that experience and is able to now step out. Comparing the moment to an emotional scene from a movie that gets us every time we watch it, I could not help myself as I said: "I'll never let go Jack". Without missing a beat, Sweeney joined me in reminiscing about the movie Titanic.

Sweeney even talked about fun fan requests such as the famous song "Smelly Cat" from the hit television series Friends, Justin Bieber, and Free Bird. We had an extremely fun conversation. Her personality and laugh are infectious, and she is authentic, genuine, and kind. 

Follow Sweeney on social media now and be sure to send her a shout out. Be careful requesting songs, if she knows them, she will absolutely play them for you. ~Missy


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