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When a particular artist stands out to me, I become excited and eager to bring their talent to our audience. Not long ago, I received an email from Jenny at Right Angle PR asking me to check out artist Nathan Sharp and his YouTube channel NateWantsToBattle. Since I met Jonathan Wolfe of Vespera through Jenny, I was very intrigued to learn more about this artist.

After doing a little research, I immediately said "yes". Not only does this artist have a unique resume, he has incredible vocals and more importantly a brilliant mind. His vision for his career may be ordinary to him, however, his thought process and plan prove that he is beyond ordinary. 

Knowing he enjoyed music at a very early age, Sharp was able to take his interest seriously and build on what talent already came naturally, thus acquiring new skills and techniques that would ultimately further him in his music career. 

Being a "Gamer", Sharp has been able to merge his passion for music along with his interest in gaming into some pretty amazing experiences that have also added to his career history. Using his ability to write songs and having the knowledge of video games, Sharp has been able to create material that is original and fun.

His recent album release of Sandcastle Kingdoms featuring his single "Heroes Never Die" incorporates his love of gaming and showcases his spectacular vocal abilities. The corresponding video for "Heroes Never Die" is fun and was inspired by the game Overwatch. I had so much fun watching it and secretly wanted to be a part of the video. Watch our full conversation now to get to know the artist behind the music. Discover how Sharp has been able to build a full-time career combining his love for music and gaming. 

If you have not yet followed Sharp or subscribed to his YouTube channel, I encourage you to do so now. Sharp is one you will want to learn from if you have a desire to build a career in either industry. From his voice work to his album release and the creative videos, Sharp can teach you a few things to improve your own career. Watch. Listen. Enjoy. ~Missy



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