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For those of you who have known someone who has taken their own life, or if you have ever had those feelings yourself, please watch the conversation with our next Tap Into Indie Series artist Jeff Ray. 

Ray has been on a mission to spread suicide awareness and hope. After losing a close friend and fellow musician to suicide, Ray decided to help do whatever he could to prevent further suicide attempts. Though tragic and emotional, Ray was able to take the song "Somebody's Cryin" written by his friend James and record it along with filming an accompanying video. 

As we discussed the project, Ray explained that the family of his friend was very supportive and appreciative of his efforts. He further explained that the statistics of suicide in veterans alone was 20 a day now. This is a rate that is completely preventable with the right help and determination of others. We can all make a difference in the life of someone else if we pay attention to the signs. 

Ray's performance of his friend's song is both emotional and extremely powerful. The video captures images you cannot ignore and speak volumes to the need for help. Many people often feel alone in this world, and Ray is here to let everyone know that they are not. "You Matter" as seen on Ray's shirt is a message that everyone needs to hear, see, and feel. If you or someone you know is on the edge and feeling like ending life on Earth is the best decision, please call 1-800-273-TALK. Help is available and people truly do care about you.

Please be sure to follow Ray on social media. Share your story with him. Reach out. Let him know that you heard his message and are joining him in the fight to stop suicide. Do not forget to grab his music as well. His talent will surely have you coming back for more. ~Missy


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