Tap Into Indie: Shauna Madinah

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When it comes to our next Tap Into Indie Series artist, you are going to find that not only is she beautiful, she has a remarkable vocal ability that when mixed with her unique blend of soul, pop, folk, country, and Americana creates a fusion that is simply irresistible. Shauna Madinah possesses a great talent that is showcased perfectly, though it is her stage presence and personality that will draw you in initially. 

As soon as I met Madinah, I knew that she was special. She may seem quiet, but this girl is full of life, love, positivity, and passion. Once on the stage, her soul takes over and ignites the room filling it with euphoria. Doing what she loves and putting on a great show for everyone seems so effortless for her. You can truly see how much joy she has while on stage doing what she truly loves to do without constraints. She is free. She is herself. There are no limits to what she can do. There are no rules she needs to follow. She has embraced who she is, what she can do, and it shows. Watching her on stage with Curt Chambers was incredible, though it was her cover of Faith Hill's "Breathe" that captivated everyone in that room.

During my conversation with her backstage after her performance at the Heart Songs Corporation and Center Stage Magazine Independent Artist Showcase at Alley Taps during CMA Fest 2017, we laughed as we recalled the memory of the night we met. That meeting is one that has changed my life and the course of the magazine. Without Madinah, Chambers, Alexandria Corn, and Nash and Brittany of Golden West, things would definitely be different for us. This group of friends, musicians/brilliant artists have taken our journey to places we never imagined. We have formed a bond that cannot be broken and it has been such a joy to watch each of them excel. 

With plans of releasing new music in the coming months, Madinah is excited and ready to share her gift with fans. Not willing to push herself or others for the sake of releasing music quickly, fans are sure to be getting her best. Madinah is quick to support her friends and was thrilled to announce Corn's new single release of "Beach Town Sunrise". Lifting each other up and supporting each other's goals is what makes Madinah and her friends stand out to us. We know that we will be seeing a lot more of each of them soon.

For now, please watch our full conversation and stay tuned to Madinah's website for news and upcoming shows. Do not forget to follow her friends as well and grab their music too. ~Missy



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