Tap Into Indie: Jaime Fox & Desert Okies CMA Fest 2017

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As we continue our Tap Into Indie Series this week, we are kicking it off with a group whose story will no doubt pull at your heart strings. Get the kleenex ready folks. Jaime Fox and the Desert Okies have an incredible amount of talent between them and their story is one that will leave you emotional.

Excitedly awaiting their performance at the Heart Songs Corporation and Center Stage Magazine Independent Artist Showcase at Alley Taps, nothing could have prepared us all for the information we were about to receive. Fox shared with us some sad news before CMA Fest 2017 of her best friend Chad Trout possibly having cancer and the possibility of him not being able to perform at the event. As you can imagine our hearts broke for this young musician.

With a great amount of surprise, Trout showed up to perform with Fox on stage. Emotions were filling the room as their performance continued. Music is very healing and it was evident that Trout loves what he does. Music has meaning and purpose. Music is therapy. Music is the answer to many questions unanswered. Music empowers the mind and soul. I am truly grateful that Trout has embraced music and that he is able to find peace within it.

While talking with Fox backstage, she let us know that not only was Trout in the hospital the day before the performance, he was under anesthesia for 4 hours having a biopsy done. I could not believe he was at our showcase to perform after such an ordeal. His determination to get through this and to keep doing what he loves speaks volumes. His band family and fellow musicians are all sending love and support to Trout. As a band, the Desert Okies have decided to put 100% of the proceeds from their full-length album directly to Trout's health savings account to help with his treatments for Pancreatic Cancer. As we all know, cancer is a horrible beast that does not discriminate and affects all ages, race, and sex. You can help by purchasing an album for yourself by clicking here. 

Fox and I also discussed the duet she and Trout did of Ashley Monroe's song "The Blade". Seeing her excitement and passion about this duet with her best friend was simply beautiful. The bond between friends is special. We look forward to more amazing moments for the Desert Okies and will continue to pray for them all.

Please get to know this incredible band. Watch our full conversation with Fox and follow their story and music on social media now. We are so grateful to the Desert Okies for all they are continuing to do for Trout and we hope you will all lend them a hand and show your support as well. Together we can all make a difference in the life of Chad Trout. Grab a CD for yourself and one for a friend as a gift. It will mean a lot to us all. Thank You. ~Missy


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