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Imagine getting off a tour and wondering what you are going to do next. Now that it is over, what are you going to do with your time? That is what Arielle Verinis and Dave Green of Los Kingdom were asking themselves when they received a phone call from their manager Brian Mayes asking them to record an Elvis song.

Not knowing at the time where this question was going to lead them, Verinis and Green agreed to do the song. One song then turned into a 6 song EP of re-crafted Elvis songs. Each song was broken down to its core and re birthed with a completely different sound and feel, lending deeper emotion to the songs that so many love.

As a female Elvis fan, I can tell you that it is very easy to get caught up in the movements and facial expressions that Elvis delivered with each of his songs. Knowing the lyrics and loving his theatrical delivery during each performance, I have to admit that I did not allow the depth of his lyrics to sink in. After hearing Los Kingdom perform "Devil in Disguise", I was blown away. These deep and seemingly dark lyrics were overlooked by me due to the animated and upbeat delivery I was used to hearing. 

Upon hearing Los Kingdom's version of this amazing song, I have since gone back and listened to the original version with fully open ears. I am amazed that for so long I did not truly capture the depth of this song. Thankfully, Los Kingdom has done an excellent job with "The King's" songs. Taken something well know by fans and making it your own can be a challenge for many. Los Kingdom has done an exceptional job.

During our conversation, I asked both Verinis and Green if they had plans to do more. Watch our conversation now to get the rest of the story. Follow them on social media and remember to grab a copy of their EP Devil In Disguise. ~Missy

Special shout out to Gold Coast Recorders for their part in this project.


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