Take a Break with Johnny Cash at His Hideaway Farm in Bon Aqua

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Nestled in the quiet and vibrant town of Bon Aqua, Tennessee lies a farm that once belonged to Johnny Cash. Affectionately referred to as the "center of Johnny Cash's universe", this stunning piece of property offers peace and tranquility. Bon Aqua is very different from any place you have probably been. The shades of green in the grass are richer. The colors in the town are brighter. The sky is bluer, the water is clearer, and the sun is more radiant. It is Heaven on Earth. Perfection. 

This place, this beautiful place was an escape for Cash. Free from the hustle and bustle of city life, Cash was able to breathe, think, create, relax, have fun, and most importantly just be "Johnny" as opposed to "Johnny Cash", "Man in Black", "Undertaker", and "Performer". Here he was free from the restraints of life that fame often brings. Everyone needs time to reflect, time to just feel, time to meditate or whatever it is that makes you "you". This was Cash's retreat for 33 years.

When I first arrived at the farm I was flooded with emotion. Not feeling worthy of being allowed to step foot on this property, I took a deep breath and let my journey into Cash's magnificent world begin. Greeted by Donna Oxley, sister-in-law to Brian Oxley the property's owner, I could not help but smile as I knew I was in for a tour that would bring me closer to the legend I was not fortunate enough to meet.

Unlike any other museum, this museum connects you to Cash in a way that I never thought possible. The rooms are not roped off. The furniture is not off limits (with few exceptions), and his personal effects are not behind glass oddly displayed.  The stories here are real and have been passed along by Cash family members. Each room tells a story. If only walls could really speak. The reality is if you look closely enough they do.

In the living room, there are bullet holes in the ceiling. Now, I know that you will probably come up with your own version or possibility of why they are there but to get the real story you will need to visit this sensational place on your own. Let me just say that I did not see the explanation for it coming. The stories and the love that fill this place are undeniable and priceless. There is even a special room dedicated to Cinnamon Hill that is a treasure trove of never before seen photographs of Cash and his family enjoying time together away from it all. These photographs show a different side of Cash. They show a side that few fans get to see.

This exquisite farm brings you closer to the man that captured so many hearts with his baritone voice, defiant ways that few could get away with, and infectious sense of humor. Go experience the thrill of the Hideaway Farm in Bon Aqua for yourself. Head over to the Storytellers Museum website and make your plans now. In addition to the farm, you will be delighted and surprised that the museum is a building owned by Cash that few realized was there and even fewer thought could be salvaged or restored. Get ready to be fascinated by all the glorious memorabilia on display, including the infamous "One Piece At A Time" car. How many of you can say that you have had the opportunity to sit in a car owned and driven by Cash? Now is your chance. Now is your time. Visit Storytellers Museum now. You will be so glad you did. This museum, this part of music history is preserved and presented in a way that no one has ever seen before. Get connected as you disconnect from the world and cherish the memory and legacy of "The Man In Black". ~Missy



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