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As our coverage of Tap Into Indie Series at Alley Taps continues, Heart Songs Corporation and Center Stage Magazine is delighted to bring you one of the most positive and calming women in country music, Sarah Darling. The name Darling says it all. This beautiful soul captured my attention immediately.

When she walked into the room covered in stars, I knew she was special. I did not realize how wonderful her personality truly is until we sat down and had one of the most meaningful conversations to date. Now you all know how much I love each and every artist that I have the opportunity to speak with. My conversation with Darling was very therapeutic and something I was desperately needing.

We have all suffered loss. Most of us would give anything for one more moment with a loved one that has passed on. Though we know they are in a better place, we want to be selfish at times and bring them back so that our place is temporarily better. Knowing that can never happen, music is the next best thing to feel, remember, grieve, and heal with.

Darling has a beautifully stunning voice and has created as she says music that is "dreamy". With her latest album appropriately titled Dream Country, Darling is helping to inspire and heal the hearts of many fans one lyric at a time. Her song "Halley's Comet" is affectionately written about her grandfather and fans across the board will be able to strongly relate to it.

Listening to Darling prepare for her performance before our conversation, I knew that fans would instantly fall in love with her. Delivering an emotional song with a deeper emotion than the original recording could be a risk, though Darling executed the song "Jolene" perfectly. We spoke about the deep level of respect Darling has for the song's original singer, Dolly Parton, and I have to say I think Parton would definitely approve of Darling's rendition. 

Darling and I had so much fun during our conversation. We talked about many things including her debut on the Grand Ole Opry and what it was like to be introduced by Vince Gill. Wait until you hear what he said to her before going out on stage.

Please watch our entire conversation now. Be inspired by it. Share it with your friends. Share it with someone you know that needs some positivity and healing in their lives. This could just be the answer to a rotten situation. Be sure to follow darling on social media, stay tuned for new music coming soon and do not forget to grab a copy of Dream Country now. ~Missy



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Sarah Darling Tour Dates

08/01/2024 : The Bluebird Cafe: Nashville, TN
08/04/2024 : w/ six one five collective: Frederick, MD
08/05/2024 : Jammin Java: Vienna, VA
08/06/2024 : Windish entertainment: West Chester, PA
08/08/2024 : w/ six one five collective: New York, NY
08/10/2024 : w/ six one five collective: Zelienople, PA
09/07/2024 : w/ six one five collective: Milton, GA
09/20/2024 : w/ six one five collective: Rock Springs, WY

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