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Meet our next Tap Into Indie Artist, signed to Heart Songs Records, the Sean Austin Band. Justin Swinney (Lead Guitar), Daniel Horton (Bass), Jerrod Bogan (Drums), and Dwayne Roaton (Keyboards) together make up this stellar band. Though it was a late night performance, these guys were fired up and ignited the entire crowd at Alley Taps. Talk about a high energy group with great chemistry and phenomenal stage presence. The Heart Songs Corporation and Center Stage Magazine Independent Artist Showcase during CMA Fest 2017, definitely brought fans a real treat with these artists.

The first thing that I had to talk about during our interview backstage is that each of these guys is from Tupelo, Mississippi. For some, that may not be a big deal, but for me and Elvis fans around the world, that is a very big deal. Of course, when I asked the band about their inspiration, Elvis was definitely on the list. Frankly, he should be on everyone's list in my opinion. We all shared some laughs, as we discussed this fun connection. 

The excitement of the Sean Austin Band performing on stage carried into our conversation. I could not help but smile with them. They have a lot coming up in their music career. With the release of their EP Break The Doors Down part 1  just around the corner on July 28, 2017, excitement levels are soaring. Fans are thrilled about hearing new music and the guys are eager for fans to get it. The EP is already available for pre-order, so be sure to grab a copy now.

As we continued our conversation, I found myself loving these guys even more. They are all so genuinely kind and fun. We even spoke about songwriting while being married. Though many of you may not have given it a second thought, that is something that made me giggle. You may laugh too, but how is a spouse not suppose to wonder if a song is written about them? Lyrics are often deep and full of emotion, so it is not unreasonable for a spouse to question those lyrics. I know I would.

All kidding aside, this band is the real deal. They are passionate about their craft and they are committed to being good people who are true to themselves and thankful to GOD for their blessings. We brought our conversation to a beautiful place after they showed gratitude to GOD. Mo Pitney kicked off our CMA Fest spiritually, and the Sean Austin Band kept the beauty of it all going. Big thanks to each of these artists for taking the time to speak with me, laugh with me and be real with me. 

Now, please watch our full conversation and follow these guys on social media. You will be glad you did. Stay tuned for their new music, and do not forget to pre-order their new EP. If you feel inclined, send them a shout out and tell them I sent you. ~Missy



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