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Music has no limits. Music does not discriminate. Whether you are young, old, male, female, white, blue, purple, or red, music is there. Music lives inside each of us. Music plays a part in all our lives. Some of us are chosen to be artists, while many of us are chosen to simply appreciate it. Fortunately for us, Brennley Brown was chosen to be an artist that appreciates it.

While preparing for this year's CMA Fest, I was delighted to be able to have the opportunity to schedule this special interview with Brown. This young female vocalist is from my hometown in California and is now known as the "Local Celebrity". I was thrilled knowing that I was able to tell her that our hometowns of Apple Valley and Hesperia, California were proud of her and her recent success on Season 12 of The Voice. Brown did her hometown proud with her performance on the hit television series.

During our conversation, I asked Brown what she would say to any young artists wanting to pursue a career in music. Without hesitation, Brown responded by saying, "Believe in yourself" and "Go for it". The confidence that Brown has in herself is something to be admired. Though many of us do not like to admit it, a lot of us fall short in that every day. Brown is a good reminder of why we should be confident and believe in ourselves.

Having to courage to participate in a school talent show at age 6, Brown discovered that she was meant to be on stage performing for fans. She has come a long way from the cute little cowgirl in pink, to now a beautiful young woman with powerful vocals rocking much bigger crowds. To say that I am proud of this artist is a big understatement. I am over-the-moon excited for where Brown is headed next. Yes, I am proud. I cannot wait to see where this journey leads her. She not only has a remarkable gift, she has been given an amazing outlook on life and also possesses an extremely kind soul.

Be sure to follow Brown on social media and do not forget to stay tuned to her website for all the latest news and show information. Be on the lookout for new music soon. ~Missy



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