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As we continue our Tap Into Indie Series, we are thrilled to bring you all the latest from former American Idol contestant Janelle Arthur. If you did not have the chance to watch Arthur on the show, you missed out. This powerful female vocalist in not only extremely talented, she is very kind and adores her fans.

As soon as she sat with me for an interview, I was overcome with excitement. For starters, I could not believe that she agreed to perform at the Heart Songs Corporation and Center Stage Magazine Independent Artist Showcase at Alley Taps during her already busy schedule at CMA Fest. Talk about feeling blessed. Founder of Heart Songs Corporation, Jill Pavel, and me were both elated at the news.

I first met with Arthur at the Wildhorse Saloon a few months ago and immediately adored her. When speaking with her, you cannot help but smile as she is so passionate about her career and the opportunities she has been given. What I did not realize was that Arthur is more like me than I thought. I actually could not understand at first why she was a bit nervous thinking that fans would not want to come to her booth at Fan Fair X inside Music City Center to meet her. Then it dawned on me that it is because she is very "real" and still taking all of it in. I would feel the same way. I think a lot of you would. 

Listening to Arthur explain what it was like performing at CMA Fest and meeting fans was special. We shared our favorite parts about CMA Fest, talked about the crowds in Nashville, and then she let us all in on a thrilling moment for her and her career. I had no idea that Arthur also had experience in acting. Wait until you hear what she and Deana Carter ("Strawberry Wine") were up to recently. I am so excited for September to arrive. Yes, you need to watch our full conversation for all the details as I do not want to spoil it here.

Please follow Arthur on social media now and be sure to grab a copy of her latest release "Light Myself On Fire". She promises that it is not as scary as it sounds. As always, please share this with your family and friends. Thank You.  ~Missy



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Janelle Arthur Tour Dates

06/17/2024 : Chief's on Broadway: Nashville, TN

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