Corey Feldman Interview: Music, Movies, and Life

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The Goonies. The Lost Boys. License to Drive. Dream A Little Dream. Do you see a pattern here? I was lucky enough to sit down with the man who stars in all of these films (and far too many other to mention), Corey Feldman. When you think of the icons of the 80's or even iconic actors in general, Corey's name is without question one of the ones that will pop up the most. Like any good journalist, during this interview, I had my cell phone on silent to ensure that one of my girlfriends texting me to ask me something likely unimportant would not interrupt my time with Feldman. After I finished the interview I picked up my phone and saw a text from my Dad that said "I'm in our hotel room and The Goonies just came on while you're upstairs interviewing Corey Feldman" about full circle moments and coincidences. 

Although you may be able to identify Feldman best as being one of the cute kids in your favorite 80's movies, what many people don't know is that he has a music career that he is extremely passionate about as well as a corporation called "Corey's Angels" that directly coencides with it. Talking with Feldman prior to the interview, I could immediately tell that he was very down to earth and kind, as well as spiritual when it came to how he lived his life. He portrays this through the way he speaks about Corey's Angels, both the corporation and the Angels themselves. Something Feldman is clearly very passionate about is women; the way they are treated and subsequently how they treat themselves. Corey's Angels hones in on these beautiful women who need a little pick me up or a little guidance. Be it a physical pick me up or help getting to where they want to be in life, Corey's Angels can help them get to where they want to be. Feldman is so passionate aboout this to the point where he will even allow the Angels to live with him if necessary. 

As mentioned, Corey's Angels is directly associated with his music career. In fact, his latest album Angelic 2 the Core features him on vocals with a backing band of Angels- yes, the real Corey's Angels that he has helped shape into even more beautiful and even more talented women.  In the interview, Feldman and I discuss this album in detail. Angelic 2 the Core was released just under a year ago and has recieved some of the most intense reviews I have ever seen, from it being widely adored by fans to it being one of the worst albums of the century. Feldman takes all the reviews with a grain of salt and ensures me that this is something he is truly passionate about. Regardless of what the reviews say, Feldman's concerts are selling out theaters and clubs nationwide and his fanbase is stronger than ever. 

Immense thanks go out to Corey Feldman for sitting down with me at MusicCon in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and for being so hospitable and kind to me for the entire weekend. Now, watch Feldman and I talk music, movies, the tale of the traveling jacket and even more.  


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