Alexa Shea Releases First Solo Project

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On May 5th, Alexa Shea released her first-ever solo EP…an experience she calls “unifying and magical”. A solo project is a new territory for Shea, who spent nearly 20 years in a duo with her younger sister, Natalee. Together they hit milestones that even well-known stars strive for: releasing six albums in both country and pop acts, opening for big-name artists including SheDaisy, Tyler Hilton, and Secondhand Serenade, and chalking up hundreds of songs in their writer portfolios, including three that became international hits in Brazil.

More recently in 2013, the girls moved to Nashville to finish up an album as country duo Falk (released in 2014) and film their own reality webisode series, which was their final venture before ultimately deciding to pursue their own musical callings.

Since then, Alexa Shea has continued to hone her craft with some of Nashville’s top writers. She has created a sound and style that is all her own, blending powerhouse vocals and memorable melodies reminiscent of pop music with honest lyrics that prove country music is where she feels most at home.

This balance is a true testament to her musical history and is apparent on the new self-titled EP. Spearheading the project was Sony producer John Palmieri, who has also worked with platinum-selling artist Cole Swindell and runs Sony’s Studio B. Together, Palmieri and Alexa Shea created four distinct tracks that speak volumes about who she is as a solo artist and the experiences she has gone through. Each of the songs holds their own, highlighting themes of self-love, heartbreak, strength, and vulnerability.

“For once, no one was telling me what to write or sing about, so it’s truly a form of my own self-expression,” Alexa Shea says. “Each song is different and the differences between each track is the actual theme of the EP.”

Alexa Shea says her favorite song featured is “The Other Side”, which she wrote about the struggles her family experienced during and after her parents’ divorce. To add even more of a personal touch, she asked her loved ones, including her parents and siblings, to sing on the track.

“My producer John Palmieri did a phenomenal job making the recording process happen…especially since my brother Luke [currently the quarterback for Washington State University] was in training camps and we had to figure out a way to get his voice on the song. Hearing it back for the first time…I broke down and just cried in the studio. It was the first time in a long time that my family was ‘back together’ – at least in some form. And, the words we were all singing together was a message of self-love and empowerment. It still brings warmth to my heart and waves of goosebumps all over, even though I’ve heard it about a thousand times over again.”

Alexa Shea also notes that she had another full-circle moment recording “Vacancy” when Palmieri recruited 90s sensation Lila McCann to record the tune's background vocals. “I idolized her growing up,” she said, noting that she and Natalee had recorded McCann’s ‘Down Came a Blackbird’ on their first CD at the ages of 8 and 6. Together, their harmonies set a sorrowful yet hopeful tone for the song, which details the struggles of moving on after a relationship.

Rounding out the EP are two up-tempo tracks showcasing Alexa Shea’s extensive vocal range and power. “Breakthru," a song about the different stages of a relationship, is likely the most radio-friendly song of the bunch, featuring a catchy hook sure to have any music fan singing along. “Girls Night” on the other hand is a true 'girl power' anthem, reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks or Shania Twain.

While a date for a full album has not been released, Alexa Shea continues to write and perform in the Nashville area. For updates and information on future performances, be sure to follow her on social media and check out the EP.


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