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When a new artist is introduced to me, the first thing I do is look for something about them that stands out. While researching DeDe Wedekind, I found that many things stood out to me. This artist has no shortage of creativity with her music and career.

Not realising that our conversation was going to delve into deeper and much more personal moments of her life, Wedekind never hesitated to give more. From tragedy to triumph, she has taken on the mission of uniting the country with her songs and her story. 

Without limiting herself to one music genre, Wedekind has taken on the successful role of crossover musician. From gospel to southern rock, country, and even a little pop, Wedekind leaves no fan unsatisfied. As her musical journey continues, fans will continue to be given the very best this artist has to give.

During our conversation, we laughed, we spoke of our beliefs, the hopes we have for the world, we shared our dreams and even pain and loss. Through everything that Wedekind has been through in her life, her strength, passion, and determination have never waivered. After hearing her describe battles within her life, I found a new level of respect for her.

Through loss, Wedekind has found a way to help others. Her heart is in this 100%, and she has embarked upon a journey to make her voice heard in an effort to bring people together. Her song "America United" seems an appropriate song for the current time. We all have dreams, we all have hope, we all have ideas, we all want love. The keyword is "We". Together, "we" can do anything.  

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