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I was recently told about Art of Anarchy or someone asked me if I had heard them, of which I had not; it may have even been my boss at Center Stage Magazine, I’m not sure. Anyhow, as I was looking for a new album to review and as I was going through an extensive list of new Hard Rock album releases Art of Anarchy happened to be on the list so I figured why not and I’m really glad that I figured "why not?".

The Madness is an incredible album from start to finish. The musicianship on this album is stellar and at this point, I still had no idea who these guys were, I was just overly enjoying the music that was blasting with excessive output through my earbuds into my already tortured eardrums (25+ years of playing drums in rock bands without ear protection). As I was listening, I was thinking the entire time that the singer reminded me of Brent Smith from the band Shinedown.  I checked to see if maybe it was Smith only to find out that it is Scott Stapp from Creed. Although I was not much of a fan of Stapp and Creed, I have to admit that I now have a new found respect for Stapp and his contribution to Art of Anarchy. I also learned that this is the second release from Art of Anarchy and that Stapp had actually replaced their former lead vocalist, the late, great Scott Weiland.

Art of Anarchy brings some high caliber musical talent to the table and can actually be put in the category of super group as three of the five members have played in some very successful bands through the years: Stapp (Creed) Lead Vocals, John Moyer (Disturbed / Adrenaline Mob / Operation Mindcrime) Bass Guitar, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N Roses) Lead Guitar, Jon Votta – Guitar, Vince Votta – Drums

The Madness is overflowing with solid, heavy, melodic songs encompassing a deep journey through Stapp’s up and downs in life, through both his personal and professional life. I believe this is the main reason why I am able to relate to this album so well. I too have found myself battling a lot of the exact same demons as Stapp; a lot of us do but are not willing to admit to it. Everything about The Madness is superior and complimentary, specifically the message that is brought forth in Stapp’s lyrics. The battle between good and evil, the battle between flesh and spirit, and the battle to overcome one’s addictions and shortcomings in life. This is a real battle that we all face in some form or fashion. Music is therapy to so many and this album has become therapy for me and is inspiring knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel as long as we keep our eye on the prize.

Track List:
1. Echo of a Scream

2. 1000 Degrees

3. No Surrender

4. The Madness

5. Won’t Let You Down

6. Changed Man

7. A Light In Me

8. Somber

9. Dancing With The Devil

10. Afterburn

My rating on this album is 10/10 without question. Do yourselves a favor and grab a copy of The Madness you will be glad that you did and before I forget, “You’re Welcome”. 


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03/24/2024 : Shank Hall: Milwaukee, WI
03/31/2024 : Sellersville Theater: Sellersville, PA

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