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There are moments in my career as a journalist, that cause me to wonder how I got some of the amazing opportunities I have been given. Some of these moments have put me in a near-state-of-shock. When I received confirmation that I was granted an interview request with BJ Thomas, I was speechless. For those of you that know me, I am never without a mouth full of words.

Being that our interview was scheduled after his performance at the Frankin Theatre in Franklin, Tennesse, I sat happily in my seat and watched the show. Soaking it all in, I noticed the crowd was just as enthralled with Thomas' performance as I was. We laughed at his brief moments of comedy. We smiled when he smiled. We cheered when our favorite song began. We applauded and stood up for this man with a flawless delivery of songs filled with indescribable emotion. We were moved.

If I had to pick one moment during his performance that stood out above the rest, it would be when he sang "Peace In The Valley". Standing alone center stage, under the spotlight, no instruments other than his powerful voice, Thomas executed the most moving rendition of that song that I have ever heard. Thinking I was alone in my ocean of tears, I looked up and realized that much of the audience felt what I felt. Wiping tears from my eyes, I could not help but wish my mother had been sitting in the auditorium with me to witness such a heartwarming moment.

After the show, I could not wait to sit and have this highly anticipated conversation with Thomas. Once I entered his dressing room, I immediately felt at home. He and his band mates were very kind, open, and welcoming. We shared a few laughs along with a few stories off-camera first. It was at this very moment that my level of respect for this brilliant artist went through the roof. 

We discussed real life, love, and friendship. I cannot wait to hear his collaboration with friends, TG Sheppard and Jimmy Fortune. I know it is going to be amazing. Thomas lit up while speaking about Sheppard and his wife Kelly Lang, along with Fortune. Building strong friendships is definitely a key to happiness in life, and Thomas seems to have that. Watch our conversation now, and enjoy some things you maybe never knew about this incredible artist. ~Missy




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