Peter Wilson of Four Trips Ahead

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Meet the voice behind the band who spends their time making efforts to 'reclaim rock music, Four Trips Ahead. Originating in New York City, Four Trips Ahead works to create powerful and spirited music backed with meaningful lyrics. The band sets themselves apart from many modern day rock releases by taking the listener on a journey of sorts, exploring many different aspects of everyday life that will leave you thinking about what you just heard. Not only do the lyrics captivate the listener, but the heavy guitar work, 'in-your-face' vocals and hard hitting percussion are what will initially draw the listener to the band.

In this interview, I speak with Peter Wilson who provides lead vocals and songwriting to Four Trips Ahead. We talk about how he got his start in Four Trips Ahead, why it was important to him to create such fascinating lyrics and much more. On top of that, we break down the band's latest release And the Fire Within all the way from what influenced it to who created the album art and why. 


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