Conversations with Missy: Jamie O'Neal and "New From Nashville" Touring Artists

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During their first showcase for music industry peers, Center Stage Magazine was invited to capture footage of Jamie O'Neal and the New From Nashville touring artists.

After watching the captivating performances by each of the artists, I could not believe they have only had three rehearsals. As they sat together on the stage to sing their rendition of "Humble and Kind" by Tim McGraw, these five women gave us all a glimpse into what their incredible tour is going to offer music fans across the board. Though they are individually talented in their own right, when their voices come together, the power that is generated is strong and beautiful. Alongside O'Neal is Meghan Woods, Rachele Lynae, Brittany Ray, and Kaylee Rutland.

When they came together to perform on stage as a unit, the audience immediately showed their approval of this newly formed group of gifted artists. These women are each unique in their own way, and will offer fans a wide variety in musical styling and personality, which ensures that each attendee is going to enjoy the show. Packed with sass, fun, soul, and rock, these girls will no doubt have you singing along and moving with the beat. The entire audience seemed entirely pleased with their opening showcase. 

During our brief conversation after the show, each of the girls explained what being a part of this tour means to them. From "Girl Power" to having fun, drinking wine, lifting each other up, and being drama free, the New From Nashville tour looks to be a world class show that all fans will enjoy and benefit from.  

For more on each of these remarkably talented female artists, please follow them on social media, and stay tuned to their websites for all they have coming up together and individually. Watch our video for a sneak peek of their special performance together now. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did. ~Missy


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