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When you are a young musician, your dreams likely include playing at the Grand Ole' Opry, standing in the very circle that so many legends and musical icons stood in as they performed for their adoring fans. This was in fact one of Michaels Tyler's dreams, and we were there to capture this significant moment on camera March 17 (3-17), which also happens to be the name of his debut album that cleverly released on the very same day. 

Having his album 317 release on March 17th, seemed well executed to me, though I had no idea there was more to the album title than the witty combination shown on the surface. In fact, there is a completely different meaning to 317, but I have to admit that their marketing strategy was pure genius. Be sure to watch the full conversation to learn the real story behind the title of his debut album.

Watching his energy and emotion up on that stage for the first time gave me chills. Witnessing the fans react to his performance left me feeling proud, not only for him, but for his entire family. Each fan in attendance gave Tyler their approval in the form of screams, cheers, whistles, and applause. This was a truly remarkable sight to see and one that will be a lasting memory for decades to come.

As I prepared for my interview with this no doubt elated artist, I could not help but see the level of support he had with him that special night. I watched as he took pictures with family members and quickly noticed that this moment brought them such great happiness. With tears welling up in her eyes, his mother expressed to everyone backstage how proud she was of her son and how she could not believe they were really there. To say I was touched in an understatement. As a parent myself, I could not help but feel what she felt in that "once in a lifetime" moment. We know that this experience is one that Tyler and his family will never forget. It is also likely that Michael will be returning to the Opry stage again soon.

As we sat in his dressing room for our on camera conversation, the level of excitement we were all feeling immediately took over. Tyler beamed with satisfaction. Achieving the goal of having a hand in penning a number one song "Somewhere On a Beach" for country music sensation Dierks Bentley screams success. Though, earning the right to play on the legendary Opry stage seems hard to top. Moments like that can definitely be scary and a bit intimidating. Watch our conversation now to hear Tyler describe this memorable night. 

For more on this vibrant and charismatic young artist, follow him on social media now. Check out his website and stay up to date with all he has coming up in the future. I tried to get him to spill more, but you will just have to wait and see. ~Missy



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