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Recently, Center Stage Magazine was invited to The City Winery in Nashville, Tennessee, to watch Austin Shaw perform his "acoustic trio" set, featuring songs from his EP, Felt.

Before Shaw took the stage, I sat down with him upstairs for a one on one conversation. While in the dimly lit lounge, I could not help but feel relaxed and calm. This was definitely a welcomed feeling during this particularly busy week. 

Shaw has this tone about him that I was immediately drawn to. In fact, looking back, I realize that the overwhelming feeling of being calm during our conversation was because of Shaw. There is something about his voice and personality that is quite soothing. Perhaps that is why listening to his songs is so appeasing. They just feel good for the soul.

We spoke about the process of working on this EP, and the full length album that will be following this Summer. I was stunned to hear how this album progressed through the help of the internet. Shaw explained how amazing it was to work on this album and was eager to give credit to those who took part in its conception.

After hearing the title track, "Felt", I asked Shaw what the inspiration was behind the song. Though he does not always like sharing the story behind each song, in order to prevent crushing the ideas a fan might have of what that story is, Shaw told me that it was in fact about his wife. Like many, I love a good love story, so this was very heartwarming to hear. 

Everything about this artist from the beginning was fantastic. If you enjoy a great feel good song, if you need to wind down from an awful day, or maybe you just want to relate to someone else, I encourage you to grab a copy of his EP now. Remember to follow Shaw on social media, and stay tuned for all he has coming up soon. ~Missy


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