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When you are fortunate enough to do the job I do, sometimes during an interview, the "inner fan" just has to come out. I wish I could say that it never happens, but in an effort to stay real and unedited, my "inner fan-girl", makes the occasional appearance. During my conversation with Dylan Scott, I felt that I needed to warn him up front.

Like so many of his fans, I was introduced to Scott through social media. The second I heard his voice, I knew I would be a forever fan. I have actually been trying for the last year, to obtain an interview with this extremely busy artist, though our schedules were just not lining up. Perhaps that is partly why this interview was such a dream come true for me.

Right away, it was easy to see how humble Scott is. I immediately warned him about the "fan-girl" popping out, and he instantly threw out that he could understand that if it was Garth Brooks, or Tim McGraw. I had to shake my head and tell him that I was definitely obsessed with his voice. The baritone voices simply make many of us melt. 

With the success of his current single "My Girl" off his self titled album, Scott has been performing at "sold out" and "nearly sold out" shows everywhere he plays. Seeing his level of gratitude and appreciation for where he was to where he is now, is heartwarming. Giving credit to social media and his current single being in the top 30 on radio, Scott was quick to express his feelings on what got him to where he is. 

For me, watching his video for one of my favorite Christmas classics, "Mary Did You Know", was the moment I knew that I would be forever a fan. To sing that song with the level of emotion that brought me to tears, was beautiful. His songwriting ability combined with his emotional delivery is superb. If you like songs that move you, I also encourage you to listen to his song, "One More". 

I wanted Scott to know that for me, as a fan, it is important for the artist to be able to bring someone to tears with a song. The emotional connection between the lyrics of an artist and a life situation of a fan is essential. When fans can connect to an artist on a deeper level, they tend to be more grateful and remain loyal forever. 

I enjoyed sharing some laughs with Scott as we discussed his beautiful love story with his wife as well. You will not believe what he had to say about her. I absolutely adore the two of them. Watch our video now. I know that you will love him as much as Center Stage Magazine does. 

As always, please remember to follow him on social media, download his latest album, and stay tuned for all he has coming up, like maybe a Christmas Album. ~Missy


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