Charissa takes over the Wildhorse Saloon New Nashville Series: Ray Fulcher

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Due to another unforeseen round of laryngitis, I called upon the lovely Charissa Nicole to once again come to my rescue, and save my interviews. Being invited to the Wildhorse Saloon to cover their "New Nashville" series was a complete honor, and I did not want to let them down.

As Nicole got started with the interview with Ray Fulcher, I quickly realized that as an artist herself, she was able to pull information from him that I quite possibly would have overlooked. Watching the two of them talk and share tips with each other was entertaining. Being that I am usually the one on camera, I thought it might feel weird not being a part of this fantastic interview, but it was not at all. I enjoyed watching these two artists together. I know you will too.

While talking with Fulcher, Nicole asked him about attending the University of Georgia. I was not expecting his response, and immediately thought, "WOW". His story is not one that I hear that often. In fact, I have only spoken to one other artist off-camera about a similar situation. Fulcher is definitely an artist that I respect.

He shared his vast experience in the work field which is something I was able to relate to on a certain level. While we all know the music industry can be challenging, we realize that it is not the only industry that is. Fulcher and I share one job in common, and let me tell you, I would never do it again, but I sure did learn a lot from it.

With his third EP titled, "Here We Go Again", Fulcher has given his loyal fans another work of art. His commitment to the very fans that have supported him along the way is a beautiful thing to see. Listening to him explain how those fans are the people he thinks of during low points in his career, made so much sense and made me respect him as an artist even more. I cannot wait to hear more from this talent.

Please watch the full interview now. Follow him on social media and send him a shout out. As always, be sure to download his latest EP and share his story with your friends. ~Missy


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