Press Release: Dustin Collins Releases “Cold Dead Hands” —An Ode to the Second Amendment

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For Immediate Release:

(Nashville, Tenn. – March 14, 2017) – Country recording artist, Dustin Collins, is earning a name for himself with his current single, “Cold Dead Hands.” Debuting at #1 in its first week on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart, the track is an ode to the second amendment and takes a firm stand in support of an American’s right to bear arms.

“Cold Dead Hands” is the first single to hit radio from Collins’ newly released EP, delivering a real country sound that listeners today are craving.

Collins speaks about the track, stating, “’Cold Dead Hands’ was written as an anthem to the American gun owner. An anthem to everyone who is tired of being told the way they live is wrong and that there’s something wrong with them for having morals, values, and tradition.” He continues, “It’s not a gun thing, it’s a culture thing.”

After a test spin by PD/Morning host, Dale Carter at KFKF in Kansas City, "Cold Dead Hands" was received with an overflow of positive feedback, Collins is now set to headline KFKF’s Red, White and Blue Springs 4th of July Festival in the Kansas City area.  WCLT-100.3 in Newark/ Columbus, Ohio was the first country station in the nation to play “Cold Dead Hands” and the response continues to be fantastic. More details surrounding the show, and other forthcoming appearances are available here.

Country music comes naturally to Kentucky-bred Dustin Collins, who has been performing since the age of 13 and uses his Southern upbringing to influence his music.

Born into a family of musicians, he learned the guitar from picking around the kitchen table and joining in on campfire sing-alongs of covers. Later, Collins began playing honkytonk shows and bluegrass festivals, eventually moving to Nashville in 2009, where he quickly became a regular at the weekly writers’ nights. Releasing his first single “Straight Up” in 2014, the track made its way into the top 40 of several industry-published charts, and the video notched in the No. 1 spot for CMT’s Most Popular Artist.

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