Beyond With Music With Laura: Joe and Martina (formerly Terra Bella) at CRS

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Every once in a while, you come across people that make an impact in some way, no matter how minute it may seem at the time, in your life.  You may not even realize it at the exact moment that it happens but it is something you carry with you from that point forward.  At the risk of getting “too mushy” or “too personal” in an article about an interview, I must say that by far, Joe and Martina Costa, also known as Terra Bella, did exactly that. 

If you could formulate the perfect country duo by adding an ability to write songs that can break your heart while making you smile at the same time; get your feet moving when you do not even realize it, and bring you back to memories that warm your soul; blending in the vocal ability of not just one amazing voice but two, with harmonies that make you not just hear, but feel, the lyrics; And the icing on this perfect concoction, is the genuine, authentic people that Joe and Martina have continued to maintain throughout this journey.

Being completely honest, this night was the first of several on-camera interviews for me as a journalist with Center Stage Magazine and let me be very clear that all the artists were very warm and welcoming and they knew that I was fighting nerves.  They each, in their own way, helped me through that, which I realize now, I need to send gift baskets for that kindness shown to me.  However, with this couple, Joe and Martina, I never felt as if I was “interviewing” them.  This was a conversation between three people who love this industry, love this town and love music.  They who were so warm and welcoming to me and able to either help me out of a stumble in the interview or just laugh it off and we started over again. 

There was a connection there that I cannot explain, appropriately in words, but please take a few minutes and watch the video of our conversation and I think you will see exactly what I mean.  There is a lot in common with almost everyone in this industry, from singers, songwriters, promotors, managers, labels, producers, engineers, publicist, and so on.  We all have a “reason”, we all have a story and mostly, we all have this deep desire to be with others that “get us” and others that understand this crazy dream.  I am so thankful to have had to opportunity to meet Terra Bella (aka Joe and Martina), share some stories, a lot of laughs, even the conversation of which song of the new EP I would definitely need Kleenexs to listen to, Martina, you were right.  I am so excited for this country duo and look forward to watching them on this journey.

Please make sure you head over to their website, social media sites as well as iTunes and pick up your copy of the newest EP, “Road To Forever”, which does contain the “Hey Mama” song we discussed as well as the new single, “You’ve Got That Something”.  This is one that is a must-have in any true music fan’s collection.

Also, check out that tour schedule, as it will be expanding, and make sure to catch them on the road this summer.



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