Lucy and Ethel Go To: Bulls Bands & Barrels with Sundy Best

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We, myself Laura Lou (Ethel) and Missy Wolf (Lucy), recently caught up with Nick Jamerson and Kris Bentley, otherwise known as the duo, Sundy Best, at the 2017 Bulls Bands and Barrels event in Lexington, Kentucky.  The duo was excited to be a part of this show and looked forward to having a fun night with a hometown crowd.

Sundy Best signed with eOne Music in 2013 and have released four separate studio projects since that time, a deluxe version of their independently produced album Door Without a Screen, Bring Up The Sun, Salvation City, and the newest release Almar Sky.

The guys, who have been friends since elementary school have a unique twist, in that, the music they write and perform, takes a fusion of country, Appalachian folk, bluegrass, rock, soul, and R&B to have an end result of a stomping back-porch sound based around Jamerson's acoustic guitar, Bentley's cajón and the pair's impassioned vocal blend.  Bentley stated in an interview about the music and how veteran producer, RS Field (Justin Towner Earle, Allison Moorer, Todd Snider, Webb Wilder, Sonny Landreth), defines the genre that, “RS says one of two things when he’s asked about our music,” Bentley says. “First, if he’s asked what it sounds like, he calls it ‘Appalachiadelicfolksoulrock’n’roll.’ And second, if he’s asked if it’s country, he says, "Yeah, it’s country music. It’s made in this country.”  There is not one specific genre or box that this music falls into and it would be a mistake to put it in one.  There is something here for anyone who is a fan of great music, regardless of what label it displays.

Sundy Best was formed in 2010, with these two working a different angle than most do these days.  With an independent release, followed by a savvy social media presence and high-energy, standout performances, the fan base was organically created and continues to grow as they consistently write new music and pack shows.  They are no stranger to success in their career, if success is defined as a number on a chart, as Bring Up the Sun climbed to number 11 on the Country Albums chart as well as number 14 on the Indie Albums listing, while Salvation City, debuted on the Country Albums chart at number 22. 

Be sure to watch the video as we catch up with Jamerson and Bentley and have a few laughs before the show.  Have you ever wondered why there is no “a” in Sundy?  We get the full scoop for you.  You may even find out who “Lilly” is by listening to what the guys say about her. 

Make sure you head over to their website, and while you are there, pick up your copies of the albums as well as watch the music videos.  These two are a lot of fun and there is no doubt they love what they are doing.  While they may not take themselves too seriously at times, they have this music stuff figured out well, with everything from songwriting that makes you really think and feel something, performances that are engaging and outstanding, to just being absolute down to earth, authentic and genuine guys, who you cannot help but fall in love with.   

“It starts with who we are as people. We’re as real and honest and genuine as we want people to be with us,” Bentley continues. “I think, hopefully, someday people will hear that through the music as we continue to try to do things our way. We just want to be as much of ourselves as we can.”


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Sundy Best Tour Dates

06/28/2024 : Use presale code: FEELGOOD: Franklin, OH
06/29/2024 : Frankie's Plaza Lounge: Morehead, KY
07/03/2024 : Old Mill Park Amphitheatre: West Liberty, KY
07/18/2024 : Master Musicians Festival 2024: Somerset, KY

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