Conversations with Missy: A Heroes and Friends Tribute to Randy Travis with James Dupré

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As our coverage of the Heroes and Friends Tribute to Randy Travis continues, we bring you one of Nashville's newest rising stars, James Dupré.

Dupré, along with many others such as; Garth Brooks, Jamey Johnson, Ben Haggard, William Michael Morgan and Alabama, came to the Bridgestone arena to show support to Travis, who suffered a massive stroke a little over 3 years ago. When I asked Dupré what it was like to be supporting the legendary artist along with many other talented names in Nashville, I was not at all surprised by his answer. He is a genuinely kind man, and I will not soon forget the time I was able to spend speaking with him.

Though Travis started out as a hero to Dupré, the two have also formed a friendship. During our conversation, Dupré shared which song of Travis' that he was going to be performing. As he spoke, his admiration for the legendary artist we were all there to support was easy to see. While explaining his song selection for the night, it reminded me of how many great songs Travis has to his credit.

Though we were all there to honor and pay tribute to Travis and help his foundation, I also wanted to hear more about Dupré. Watch our conversation now to discover what this sensational and very passionate artist has coming up in the future, as well as learn more about who he is. Travis along with his wife, Mary Davis also had some wonderful things to say about Dupré, so stay tuned for that coverage soon.

Please do not forget to follow Dupré on social media and grab his album Stoned to Death. All of his links have been provided, so really, there are no excuses not to follow him. Also be sure to call your local country station to request his latest single "Stoned To Death" to be played. ~Missy


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