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Back in July 2016, I was honored with the opportunity to interview one of my favorite singers. Having an on-camera conversation with Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum was one of the greatest moments for me in my career thus far. Little did I know where that moment would lead me.

Prior to filming with Pirner, we were greeted by one of the nicest people we had met, Michael Bland. At the time, I was unaware of Bland's role. I did not discover until show time that the kind gentleman that had been engaging us in entertaining conversation was actually the drummer for the band.

As soon as Bland was behind the drums, the beats were just indescribably perfect. What I mean is, he kicked ass. I just have no other way to say it. I was blown away. We all were. The audience freely rocked in mass approval of the sound these guys delivered with the first beat. Until this point, I do not recall ever seeing a shift in feelings quite like this. It was as if we were all wired to the same switch and when the breaker turned on, we all came alive.

As you can imagine, I was eager to speak with this "beat master" again. After finally setting up our video Skype session, I realized that my conversation was going to have many elements. Bland has one of the most impressive resumes out there. From landing a gig with Prince while he was still "wet behind the ears" to having a hand in the transformation of Nick Jonas as a solo artist while being a part of the "Administration', to now touring with major rock band Soul Asylum, Bland has undoubtedly experienced some unforgettable moments.

During our conversation, we touched on some of these phenomenal experiences, along with some heartfelt and fun bonding moments between him and Prince. As friends typically do, Bland shared some fun stories about Prince, including his admiration for Dolly Parton. While I cannot say enough positive things about Bland and his gift, what I can say is that this artist is one that absolutely deserves your attention.

Selfishly, I did not want our conversation to end and kept him longer than maybe I should have. He was extremely generous with his time and seemed completely at ease with the fact that I wanted to talk his ear off. We managed to discuss, food, Italy, my doctor, life, Bruno Mars, upcoming work, and so much more. Please watch our full conversation now, and get to know something you may not have ever known before. ~Missy


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10/06/2023 : Cherokee Casino and Hotel Rola: Roland, OK
11/07/2023 : Soul Asylum Acoustic featuring: Phoenix, AZ
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11/17/2023 : Reilly Arts Center: Ocala, FL
11/18/2023 : MIDFLORIDA Event Center: Port St. Lucie, FL
02/23/2024 : Jay and Silent Bob Present Cru: Downtown Miami, FL

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