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When you hear the words "Love Tattoo", you often imagine hearts or roses with names somehow mixed in. Rarely would one think of a scar from a wound that a soldier in the military now has to bare. The reality is that these scars exist. The reminders of serving our country are not forgotten for those who have the undeniable "love tattoos" forever imprinted on their flesh. For Law Enforcement officer, Chuck Brisbin, hearing the story of a soldier who returned from Afghanistan disfigured, he felt a need to find a way to honor this man. Turning to poetry, Brisbin wrote a beautiful poem titled Love Tattoo.

After writing the poem, Brisbin turned to Richard Lynch to have the poem put to music. Lynch agreed and sought out the help of fellow singer/songwriter Ronnie McDowell. The pair gave life to the song that clearly echoes the sacrifices of the many soldiers who have fought for our beautiful country.

During our conversation, Lynch explained the process of this sad, yet happy and extremely "country proud" song. Though it is a strong and emotional song, you cannot help but feel love, admiration, and gratitude for those who serve in our military. 

McDowell was very animated as he described his experience serving in the Navy. We could not help but laugh at his storytelling. Through the laughter, I was also blown away. I have never heard a story like his, and doubt I ever will again. You need to watch our full conversation to see why.

That night, inside the Nashville Palace, the room was filled with hope, love, courage, laughter, and even a few tears. There were veterans, fans, and patriots lining up to make a difference by donating to the cause. The Love Tattoo Foundation is a non-profit organization that is on a mission to help the lives of the military, who so selflessly serve our country whenever called upon.

Please watch our conversation and performance videos now. I promise you will be entertained. You will laugh and you will be grateful after meeting our special "surprise" guests that crashed our party. Do not forget to grab your copy of "Love Tattoo" now, to help make a difference in the life of a soldier. For all those who have served our country by enlisting in the military or by sending your loved one off to serve from afar, we thank you. ~Missy


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