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When you have the chance to speak to three beautiful and talented female artists that can harmonize flawlessly, you jump on it. Kristen Brown, Paxton Martin and Alicia Paulson are also known as Auburn Road. 

This Country/Pop Trio has what it takes to make it big in the music industry. From their relatable song lyrics to their perfectly blended harmonies and fun personalities, these girls are taking the audience on a memorable, musical journey. With their current single "Fancy", the girls are taking us back to those real-life situations that many of us have had to endure or help someone else through. While life challenges can often be grueling, it is the songs written by this talented trio that let you know you are in fact not alone on your unique path. We have all been there, or soon will be. Watch our full conversation to learn more, as we discussed the details of why this song was written.

Having written or co-written all of the songs on their EP, I knew these girls understood the importance of songwriting and successful music. I was fortunate to witness their level of excitement, appreciation and gratitude while talking about Jason Aldean's band recording all the music on their album. These girls almost seemed as though they were still in disbelief that those talented musicians agreed to be a part of their dream. I could not help but be happy for them.

Auburn Road is a sisterhood more so than a group of friends. These girls have spent years getting to know each other in a way that connects them tighter than most. Having a support team that also has a great sense of humor definitely adds to the fun moments these girls have been able to deliver to their fans. 

When watching their video on a mystery food challenge, I found myself shouting at the monitor and roaring in laughter. Watch what the girls had to say about that entire experience, then see if you have what it takes to be as daring as they were.

Before we ended the conversation, I asked them if they had heard about the contest Bon Jovi currently had going on for a band to open for them. As many of you can guess, I absolutely encouraged them to audition for it somehow. In my opinion, there is no way they could lose with their harmonizing abilities and general spot on vocals and lyric content. Watch their reaction to my suggestion now and then follow them on social media to stay tuned for all they have coming up. ~Missy


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