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For many artists, choosing a path seems easy. If you are good at singing or acting, the choice is pretty clear as long as you are passionate about it. There are some artists who choose more than one path which is great, however, there are the few who choose to pursue all areas they are good at which is even more exciting. Luckily for us, Melissa Mars is one of those few.

During our conversation, we discussed Mars' singing career. Not only has she released three solo albums herself, she has also collaborated with many other artists. From singing opera on stage in elaborate costumes, to acting in a music video with vibrant colors and an 80's themed costume from a famed designer, She is proving that she can do it all.

Mars is setting out to conquer all of her dreams in the entertainment industry. While it seems she has done more than most, I cannot help but feel like she still has so much left to offer her fans. From learning martial arts in China eight hours a day, to acting alongside John Travolta in From Paris with Love, there is so much to Mars that we have yet to see. 

Her abilities as an actress have led her to the new release Curse of Mesopotamia. Mars explained that she has two roles in this film. While she warns that this film is not for the young audience, she smiled as she described her role as a villain. I could not help but love this part of our conversation as I could see the excitement and passion in her eyes. 

I continue to be impressed by all this woman has done, and what she has plans for. There is no doubt in my mind that American television will soon be graced with her presence. As you watch our conversation, be prepared to have your mind blown by her level of experience. Her determination and hard work have already paid off and she is no where near finished. Now, sit back and watch our video as we threw in some highlights of her already fascinating and impressive career. ~Missy



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