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Sometimes I get more than I expect when interviewing an artist. Gary Morris absolutely blew my mind. I cannot say enough about this incredible talent. From Broadway to Daytime Television, recording music, and touring the country, Morris has been delivering top notch entertainment to fans for years.

Being that I am obsessed with his career, I had to ask him about all of it. The stories he shared with me may not be well known, but they are phenomenal and unforgettable. Morris began with the story of how he obtained the role as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables and was given a three-week notice to open on Broadway. I was immediately fascinated and wanted to hear more.

We continued discussing his career and his memorable moments on set and off. I was caught completely off-guard with his story about Charlton Heston. This story must be heard to be fully appreciated, so please listen to our full conversation for all the details.

There are so many fun facts about Morris that fans really love. From the fans enamored with his acting to those who were drawn in by his recording of the song “Wind Beneath My Wings”, Morris has continued to impress and entertain each of them. His fun-loving personality grabs the attention of anyone near him. He even joined me in my dream of having a pet cow and offered me a great name to name it with. Again, you will have to listen to our full conversation to hear the whole story and what took place.

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Morris about his career and what he is currently working on. We laughed as we shared stories and he treated me as though I was just another friend he was talking to. This man is the real deal and a truly gifted artist that I encourage you to get to know even more. Stay tuned to his website for more information as he is working hard on new projects. Until we meet again for an on-camera interview, enjoy this incredible 14 minutes of fun. ~Missy


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Gary Morris Tour Dates

06/05/2024 : Gary Morris in Concert: Tomball, TX
08/08/2024 : Gary Morris in Concert: Arlington, TX

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