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I love a good ballad. Thanks to Jackie Bristow, I have had the opportunity to hear some amazing ballads that make me feel. Music is powerful. When it moves you, you will sometimes cry, gain confidence while enduring one of life’s many challenges, laugh, feel happy, feel sad, or even get choked up.

On her latest album Shot of Gold, Bristow has demonstrated that she knows exactly how to move people with her words, her voice, and her own emotions. Perhaps it is the love one craves and longs for, though whatever the reason, ballads like “Kiss You Goodbye” leave you with the feeling of wanting more.

While talking with Bristow, I wanted to know about her start in music. For several years, she and her sister performed together and even took home some coveted awards. By the age of 17, Bristow decided to leave her regular High School to continue her education at a music school in order for her to pursue a career in music.

A career in music is exactly what Bristow has succeeded in achieving. Though we can all pretty much agree that this industry can be brutal, Bristow has shown time and time again that this is what her calling is. She was simply born to sing. Her vocal abilities, personality, and overall remarkable talent, have led her to perform on tour with many well-known acts such as Bonnie Raitt, who is also one of her biggest influences.

Please listen to our full conversation now as we discussed many things about her career that I know you will find fascinating. One of those topics is a story that involves an unknown soldier, a poem, and a discovery.

For the die-hard music collector, Shot of Gold is also available on Vinyl. This is an exciting accomplishment for Bristow, so please join Center Stage Magazine in congratulating her on this achievement by grabbing your album today. ~Missy


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