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Like many of you, I love to have fun. Thankfully, Sour Blossom does too. Though our interview was taking place on an early Fall Saturday, Sean Verchick and Josiah Rosen were very welcoming and open to what I had in store for them. I am not sure I was fully prepared for what they had in store for me, however.

We started off our interview by heading up to their studio where we were graced with the most spectacular view. After being told that Center Stage Magazine was the first to see them inside their studio, we could not help but feel honored. The guys were both very open, fun and entertaining. They were also quick to introduce themselves to my daughter, who tagged along for the day’s events.

Although our interview began like a normal Conversations with Missy, we quickly shifted gears in order to have some serious fun and shenanigans. I immediately learned that “Chubby Bunny” is not really my game. There are not nearly enough words for me to use to try and explain how this went, but I can tell you without a doubt that it did not go at all like I planned. I need to credit The Swon Brothers for giving me the idea for this experience. The end result was far better than what I envisioned yet completely different.

After my extremely embarrassing and failed attempt at what I thought would be an easy game to play, I was then presented with another challenging task that has an interesting back story, “Margarita Mouthwash.” Let me be frank. This was not at all what I thought it was going to be. I expected a minty drink. Google it. What I ended up with was completely different than what I had mentally prepared for as you will see. I am not by any means a drinker, so this day was just getting better and better. I laughed through the terror. 

In all seriousness, Verchick and Rosen are two very special artists that together have created something powerful and amazing. Their newest single “Call it a Night”, is a fun and catchy song with an equally awesome video. We spoke about the filming of the video and it seemed to coincide with our already established theme for this interview, “Shenanigans”. If you need a good laugh or just simply want to hear more of the brilliance these two have created, please watch our video now. Center Stage Magazine is so proud of these two artists and we will continue to support them throughout their career. 

You can join us by following Sour Blossom on social media and downloading their latest release “Call it a Night.” Feel free to send them a shout out or comment below. We would all love to hear from you. ~Missy


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