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Very few artists give free cd’s to their fans during a concert. For Magnolia Wind, giving to their fans comes first. In fact, while playing at the Café Fontanella this coming Friday, October 21, 2016, Magnolia Wind will once again be giving out their latest EP Take One.

A seemingly appropriate title, Take One has a special meaning to the husband and wife duo. During our conversation, Chris and Kristen Butler explained how they came up with the title of their EP. Listening to them describe each of the decisions they have made and the meaning behind them all was fascinating. There is no doubt in my mind that these two artists have a special gift.

Hailing from two different states, I asked both Chris and Kristen how they met. Their story was sweet and filled with giddiness as Kristen recalled her night of events leading up to this incredible union. Knowing that many of their fans would be able to relate to their story, as I did, I became excited too. I am a complete sap. All kidding aside, I knew it was time for me to ask them some important “must know” questions.

Without giving away too much, I asked them each who they would like to record/perform with. Chris was very quick to say that he would want to work with Chris Stapleton. What surprised me was his reason behind that decision. Kristen then responded with an answer that took me by surprise and brought out my inner child. The interview took a complete turn at this point as I just got too excited. Listen to our full conversation now to find out what I mean.

With plans of releasing their first full-length album in the near future, Magnolia Wind is also preparing for a tour as early as next Spring. Do yourself a favor and catch them at their show this Friday and pick up their EP Take One. If yu cannot make it out to see them live, please visit their website, download their EP on iTunes as well as follow them on social media. They are real, fun, and genuinely nice to be around. Center Stage Magazine is proud to be following their musical journey. Join their journey with us. ~Missy


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