It’s Time to Get Weird with Sunflower Dead

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Well folks after a long hiatus Declassified with JT has returned, primed and ready to bring you interviews from some of the biggest names and up and coming names in the rock and metal music world. Without further ado, I introduce you to Long Beach, California’s very own Sunflower Dead.

I had the privilege of talking with Michael “Hulk” Del Pizzo, lead vocals / accordion / piano for Sunflower Dead and what a cool chat that was. They have two albums released to date on Bloody Bat records, their freshman, self-titled album Sunflower Dead (2012) spawned the single and video for the song “Wasted” and their sophomore album titled It’s Time to Get Weird (2015) saw the single release and video for “Dance With Death” featuring Jonathan Davis of Korn. They have been on both legs of the Hell Pop Tour this summer in support of It’s Time To Get Weird, sharing the stage with In This Moment, HellYeah, Nonpoint and Shamans Harvest and they will be back out this fall with Mushroom Head, Unsaid Fate, Raven Black and Death and Division.

Sunflower Dead has a very intriguing sound, as I can hear traces and nuances of some other well- known bands such as Disturbed, Stone Sour and Fight, yet I would not say they have copied anyone of those bands signature sounds. It’s a subtle blend of all three along with all five of their collective musical influences that gives you, the audience, the distinct Sunflower Dead sound.

Be on the lookout for a new video release in the not so distant future, as well as, a graphic novel based on the band name in which they have recruited Clive Barker and his expertise in putting it all together. I don’t read much but that is one novel I will be guaranteed to sink my teeth into. Check out their social media sites, be sure to grab a copy of both of their albums and last but certainly not least go see these guys live, I know I will make a point of it, as I’m sure they won’t disappoint. ~JT

Sunflower Dead Artist Bio:

Sometime ago, in a rural town, 5 murdered boys were found disemboweled and laid out in a field.  For some unknown reason, four of the five boy's eyes were torn out with dead sunflowers placed in their place. A note was found in the victim's hand who had retained his eyes saying "These murders represent the true evil you all refuse to see".  

When word of the murders got out, the press dubbed these five children "The Sunflower Dead".  No assailant was ever brought to justice in this case. After some time, strange occurrences began happening where people would find members of their community horrifically murdered with freshly cut sunflowers placed over their eyes.

The lore began that these 5 boys, due to the swelling energy leftover from their own brutal death, came back to avenge all those who are purveyors are true evil. These five undead vigilantes are on a mission to destroy evil with evil. They are summoned by the energy of those whose innocence is in jeopardy due to the acts of the depraved. The end game of these undead souls, through their own horrific acts, is finding their peace that was thrown into a tailspin at the moment of their own untimely murders.

Unknowingly, these undead vigilantes are a piece of an ongoing Universal Rapture to cleanse the world of its original sin. Their reward for what seems like an unending sentence of walking the earth in limbo, ridding the world of evil doers, leads them to a confrontation with not only who committed their murders but why.

It is at this moment that these five are finally given a chance at the true peace that was stolen from them so long ago...

Michael Del Pizzo – Lead Vocals / Accordion / Piano

Jaboo – Lead Guitar

Jamie Teissere – Guitar

Layton “Lats” Kearns – Bass

Jimmy Schultz – Drums


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