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“I Know You Know.” This song is the first single off the highly anticipated EP release of Electric City by Anthony Fallacaro. When speaking to Fallacaro, he expressed that it was a huge relief to release these songs and the video that accompany them.

In the video for “Great Escape”, Fallacaro did an amazing job demonstrating his concept. Sheer brilliance took place on the screen with two very gifted young actors. Taking me back to parts of my childhood and favorite moments of my young adult life, I consider this song to have an appropriate title.

“Great Escape” may have drawn me in though it was “I Know You Know” that moved me the most. Fallacaro and I spoke about this video in length. He shared with me the experience he had while filming and we laughed as we spoke about the overall atmosphere of the location filmed. Without giving too much away, just imagine the culture shock that can be encountered when filming at a popular and iconic tourist location. You will have to listen to our full conversation to understand what I mean.

One of the things we spoke about heavily, is social media. All it takes is one tweet, one status update, one share or one mention to start a positive chain reaction. That is exactly what happen to Fallacaro and his video for “I Know You Know”. In what seemed to be an overnight success, this video hit a milestone mark of 100,000 plus views from one website taking the time to share this remarkable video on their page. Love What Matters came across Fallacaro’s video and shared it. Soon Fallacaro received a lot of views at a surprising rate. When he began receiving comments, he realized how the increase in views was possible. Listen to our full conversation to hear the level of gratitude and appreciation Fallacaro has for the company that took the time to share his work on their page.

After speaking to Fallacaro I felt completely inspired. With all the traumatic events our world has faced and is currently facing, I encourage you to take a break with Fallacaro. Watch his videos and please visit the website that is credited with the overnight success of his video for “I Know You Know.” I wish you all a lot of love and laughter. ~Missy


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