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Many of the artists I speak to have known music their entire lives. Skylar Shupe began singing at age four. Her ability to sing country, pop and soul does not surprise me. She is very versatile and does not wish to limit herself.

During our conversation I brought up a picture that I saw of her covered in shaving cream. With her upcoming single “This is War”, I found the photo was appropriately titled Shaving Cream War. I laughed as she explained the story behind the photo.

While listening to her sing “Stay” by Sugarland, I realized that Shupe has an amazing ability to not only cover songs we love in a way that we still love them, but she is very much her own voice. In her original song “Free”, it felt as though Faith Hill met Mariah Carey. You can say I was impressed though I feel I was very eager to hear more and beyond impressed.

Listening to Shupe sing the “National Anthem” left yet another remarkable impression. I often tell people this is the song you will be judged the most by. This is the one song people will never forget if you sing it well or fail miserably. I often cringe when there is a video or recording of an artist singing it as I never know if it will be great or fall short. Hearing Shupe hit every note and sing every lyric perfectly was a thrill for me.

I have no doubt in my mind that playing at the Bristol Motor Speedway televised in front of 39,000 people will be just one of many big performances for Shupe. We discussed what this experience was like for her and how exciting it was playing for so many people. Listen to our full conversation now for all those details and much more.

Stay tuned for more from Shupe including an EP with original tracks. Check out her website and follow her on social media. Connect with her now and become a “Shupester” now. ~Missy


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