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One of the things I love about my job is that I get to have conversations with real, interesting, funny, caring, fascinating and talented people. Many of these conversations have made me feel like we have been friends for years, or that we will be. During my conversation with Sarah Simmons, I definitely felt an instant connection and bond.

Typically, my conversations with artists last about 15 to 20 minutes. As you may recall we have had a few that were upwards of an hour long. Well, after 53 minutes of talking, Simmons and I became instant friends. She has so many stories and fun memories. We could not help but just be real and talk about everything and anything.

When I first saw Simmons, it was during her audition for NBC’s hit show The Voice season 4. Receiving a four-chair turn during two key points of her song choice “One of Us” was spectacular. I remember sitting in my living room that night feeling just as excited as Shakira looked while hitting her button to turn her chair. I absolutely loved this girl’s voice. Season 4 of The Voice was filled with so much great talent including The Swon Brothers, Caroline Glaser, Michelle Chamuel and of course the winner Danielle Bradbery.

Though Simmons did not continue onto the finals, she made a huge impression on many fans. During our conversation, we spoke about her time on The Voice along with the long lasting friendships she made. Fellow “Team Adam” contestants Judith Hill and Agina Alvarez are teaming up once again as bridesmaids for Simmons’ upcoming wedding.

Simmons has a lot of new and exciting things happening in her career. Her album Freedom is set to release on August 26, 2016. Out now for fans to immediately enjoy is her video for “Honey I’m Fine”. The video is filled with a deep, emotional storyline that you do not want to turn your eyes away from. From singing covers on The Voice to singing songs of her own, Simmons is sure to keep turning heads, gaining fans and taking each city she plays in by storm.

I am truly excited to see where she goes next. Listen to our full conversation now and get to know this exceptionally talented woman. Stay tuned for all the latest news and excitement by checking out her website. Follow her on social media and send her a message showing your support. Be sure to tell her I sent you. ~Missy


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