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Have you ever found yourself surfing the internet, looking for something new and different? Maybe you have an idea of something you want or something you would like to see. For Center Stage Magazine, we are always looking for new, fun, entertaining and talented artists. Sometimes these artists are suggested to us. Thankfully, Co-founder Tommy Lemon was introduced to Maddy Newton through Sarah Frost at the Press House.

After sharing this fantastic artist with me, Tommy and I could not help but want to share her with everyone that we could. While at CMA Fest, we shared her “Not a Hipster” video with our friends Dakota and Katie at AristoMedia, and they were just as entertained as we were. We continued to play her video for other artists and fans throughout CMA Fest in Nashville, getting the same response from everyone.  They all loved her.

Not only does Newton shine in her vocal abilities, she shines on camera in her fun YouTube videos. During our conversation, we spoke about this and much more. Listen now to find out more about who she is as an artist, what her goals are, and what her thought process was for the direction of her debut EP.

Her latest release "What Was I Thinking" will immediately have you wanting to hear more. The title track “My Turn” is significant to Newton for many reasons. Many fans will be able to relate to the message and story of this sure to be hit song as well as the title itself. What else is in store for this rising star that won her first singing competition at 8 years old? Listen to our full conversation to find out.

Please be sure to follow Newton on social media and get ready to be entertained. Be ready to feel, smile, laugh and crave more because you will. Now, share this with your friends. They will thank you for it. ~Missy


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