CMA Fest Artist Spotlight: Nick Hickman & Camille Rae

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CMA Fest Artist spotlight comes to a close with Nick Hickman and Camille Rae. Our last day at Alley Taps covering the Iceman's NCMA Fest was already off to an amazing start. From the alley behind Alley Taps, we could hear a familiar voice coming from inside. I was surprised that at 9 am, Hickman had the ability to belt out tunes the way he was. 

With my morning coffee in hand, I pulled up a stool and continued to listen to Hickman play some of his brand new music along with songs off his latest EP Tailgate Dance Floor. "Tipsy" and "Bottle Away" were among the new songs recently penned and they definitely gained approval from the early morning audience.

After Hickman was done with his set, the fun continued with Rae. I have no idea what I was expecting, but she more than blew me away. I wondered how anyone could sing so powerfully in the early hours after many performances in the previous days. This girl is hands down one of my new favorite female singers. 

Rae's fun personality drew everyone in. During the conversation I had with both her and Hickman backstage at Alley Taps, we laughed as we spoke. Their personalities together are even more infectious. You can tell they are great friends, which, made our early morning the best one we had the entire CMA Fest. 

As you will see in our video, these two are entertaining as hell and both have exciting things coming up. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of I Need Me (Camille Rae) and Tailgate Dance Floor (Nick Hickman) on CD or download them. Share their music with your friends and family and follow them on social media. As usual, I have made it easy for you and all you have to do is click. We have also included some exclusive footage of Rae and Hickman for you from Hickman's EP Release Party on May 14, 2016, at The Basement East in Nashville. Check it out below. You are welcome. ~Missy



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