CMA Fest Artist Spotlight: Mersi Stone

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Our next CMA Fest Artist Spotlight needs little introduction. Mersi Stone is a friend to Center Stage Magazine. I love these two amazing and talented young women. Having the ability to finally meet these two face to face was a thrill. Not only did I finally get to meet them, I was graced with the opportunity to meet their mother as well. The support she shows her daughters is incredible.

Before our camera started rolling, we laughed and joked about things women typically go through daily. I am not one to wear make-up, heals or girly clothing, so finding out that some of those feelings (minus wearing heels) were shared by the girls was quite fun.

For Kori Jean and Kels, having fun and doing what they love has proven to be successful. They work hard and are smart. They each understand how the other works both individually and together as a team. Maybe the fact that they are close sisters has helped with that, but I imagine even if they were not sisters they would get along the same. I fondly call them “MY Girls” whenever I introduce them to anyone because I adore them and who they are as people, not just artists.

During our conversation, we spoke about all they have been up to and their experience at this year’s CMA Fest along with what the Ice Man means to them. The girls have so many positive things to say about all of it, including their remarkable fans who make it all possible (special shout out to Jasmine). They were both very excited to share some rather cool things they have coming up like the shopping app that enables their fans to shop their look, the release of a new video (Sam Hunt cover, "Speakers") and more. 

Please watch our conversation now, follow the girls on social media and learn how you too can become one of the “Mersifuls”. ~Missy



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