CMA Fest Artist Spotlight: Mike Smith

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I am so excited to introduce our next CMA Fest Artist Spotlight to you. Mike Smith is way more than just a musician. His talents have opened many doors for him. Watch our conversation now to learn more about this fascinating and very entertaining man as well as watch his special acoustic performance just for our viewers.

Be sure to check out his website as well. I have given you just a sneak peek of his bio (taken from his website) below. You will want to visit his website for the full description of this incredibly gifted artist.

“I’m wide open musically and lyrically, and I enjoy creating a clever turn of a phrase to encapsulate a complicated feeling. I like that my creative side is not locked into a certain style like it has to be preserved in a glass case not to be broken. As God and fate would have it, I’ve been blessed and humbled that my tunes took a crazy left turn to attract recording artists in various genres. But the country music format—the music composition, the melodies, the storylines—is where my heart is. ‘Country’ brings me home.                                                      

Mike Smith is a multi-talented, chart-topping, singer/songwriter, musician and national recording artist poised to stake his claim in the country music sector.

Born in Philadelphia in the “Virtue Liberty Independence State” of Pennsylvania, Mike Smith’s personal character rings true to the state motto, as does his musical inclination to “stand out” in the reflection of his historical Cuban and German lineage.

Having a Cuban mom, a dad who is an all-American white guy from Philly and growing up in New Jersey gave me a unique perspective from our parkway suburbia. Mixed within the meld of the personalities of our immediate family, we had six Cuban refugee family members living with us (who were kicked out of Cuba by our family relation, Fidel). So, my ethnicity stood out like a sore thumb when I was a kid.

Home life, history, and DNA moved Mike to discover music as his lifeline. He learned to play guitar as a four-year-old and before he entered the age of double-digits, he taught himself to play bass, piano and the drums. Today, the talented instrumentalist is proficient on twelve instruments; Mike plays all-things-strings (guitar, bass guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, steel guitar, ukulele and fiddle) as well as drums and harmonica.

Playing music—playing an instrument—it’s part of my essence. I can’t understand my own emotions without writing a song stream of consciousness and reading about what I’m feeling after I write it. Music has always been a good escape and a good therapy for me…”

Please follow Smith on social media and check out his website for more information on all he has coming up in the future. You will be blown away by the level of this man’s talent. ~Missy


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