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Life is full of blessings, love, laughter and full circle moments. My conversation with Ty Herndon was all of those things. I was a bit emotional leading up to this particular conversation. Herndon has been a great inspiration to so many fans and artists across the world. 

Though life has given him some challenges along the way, Herndon has proven that he is stronger than those challenges that he has faced. He is a true survivor both thankful and very aware of the gift GOD has given him. Herndon continues to use that talent to reach fans in need everywhere. His heart is embedded in each of his songs though it is his song "Lies I Told Myself" that will strike you at the core.  

Each lyric in "Lies I Told Myself" is easy to relate to. The best part is that its ok. We all need to hear it. We all need to feel it. We all need to know that we tell ourselves lies, but what many of us need most is to learn not to believe those lies. I bet you can think of many lies you have told yourself to keep you from doing something in life you really wanted to do. It is not too late to get out of your own way. Stop believing those lies and believe in your remarkable ability to do anything. 

During my conversation with Herndon, we spoke about his gift. We spoke about his willingness to trust in his gift and keep pushing forward for not only himself but for his fans. He absolutely loves his fans. He was quick to say how much he appreciates their messages and wants them to know that he does see each of them. I did not think it was possible to adore him any more than I did, but I was wrong. There were some very touching moments with Herndon during our conversation, so please watch it now. There were some silly moments too, but you just have to watch.

After our conversation, Tommy and I were invited to stay and watch Herndon perform at his fan club party/ALS (In Honor of Kevin Turner) benefit show. This was definitely a special treat. Watching his fans react to him on stage was so heartwarming. There were fans of all ages having the time of their life. I could not have been any happier with his set list as well. He knows exactly how to fill his fans with joy and elation. 

After his show was finished, Herndon took the time to meet and greet many of his fans. Watching them ooze excitement was very special. I am still in awe. I cannot thank him enough for being such a kind and gentle soul. Some of his fans even shed tears as they told me what he means to them. This was such a special and emotional moment for me and I will never forget the time he spent with me. Thank you, Mr. Herndon, for proving that you are a truly great human being and for allowing me to live in a moment I would die for. ~Missy


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04/27/2024 : Ty Herndon: 9th Annual Walk to: West Wendover, NV
06/07/2024 : CMA Fest — Dr. Pepper AMP Stag: Nashville, TN
06/08/2024 : Dayton Masonic Center: Dayton, OH
06/29/2024 : The Texas Theater: Waxahachie, TX
07/12/2024 : ND Country Fest: New Salem, ND
08/17/2024 : Happy Harry's Hot Valley Night: Grand Forks, ND
08/23/2024 : Concert in the Corn 2024: Mason, WI

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