CMA Fest Artist Spotlight: David Adam Byrnes

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Up next in our CMA Fest Artist Spotlight is a young man with a voice and style that will make you want to hear more. With his song "Alcoholiday", you will soon find yourself singing right along with a smile on your face. Check out his bio (directly from his website) below.

"Hey, we might not've met yet, my name is David Adam Byrnes and I’m a Country music singer born and bred in the great state Arkansas. I was raised in Sherwood, in the same house, from the day I was born ‘til the day I moved out. Sherwood’s the kind of town where “yes ma’am” and “no sir” are expected. And ya don’t dare pop off or get in trouble because everyone knows yer momma and yer daddy. It’s a town with tough roots. We don’t have the luxury of lookin’ at what we have in life as a way of making some status or fashion statement. For us, boots, jeans, cowboy hats, trucks, and tractors are for work. It's what you need to make a livin’ and get the job done right. And if the folks in Sherwood, AR stand for anything, it’s exactly that.

My parents ain’t no different from the rest of the town. They’re hard workers. They came from stock where if you didn’t grow it or build it, you didn’t have it. That’s somethin’ they instilled in me from a young age. There was always things that needed to be done around the house. I rarely remember a Saturday that I wasn’t out doing chores and workin’ the property with my dad while other kids got to play. I guess it was his way of teachin’ me the value of earnin’ what it is you got in life. We weren’t rich by any stretch but we had our own land, a roof over our head, food on the table, and later on my dad even got himself a boat so we could spend our Sundays out at the lake. He loved that boat. My folks are Southern, grounded in the earth people, and as old-fashioned as they come. For them, God makes everything for its purpose. For me? My purpose is music.

Country music just comes natural to me. Songs about life, doin’ what’s right (even though you may not want to), raisin’ a family, respect for yourself and others, dirt under your finger nails, drinkin’ beer with your friends out at George’s pond on Friday nights. It’s all I know. It’s how I grew up. My music is a way of showin’ respect and appreciation for the people like my mom and my dad. They built a life with their own two hands and watched a family grow. It’s about stayin’ connected to that and not forgetting where I come from. Whether it’s Sherwood, AR or some other small town, there ain’t no difference in it. I want to contribute to the culture and community that made me who I am. I find peace in the fact that even though it seems like the world’s gone crazy, there will always be Country music."

Watch our video now and get familiar with all this artist has to offer the music world. He was one of the nicest musicians I have met and it was definitely a pleasure getting to speak with him. Enjoy. ~Missy


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David Adam Byrnes Tour Dates

05/27/2022 : The County Line: San Antonio, TX
05/28/2022 : River Rose Tavern: Canyon Lake, TX
05/29/2022 : Freiheit Country Store: New Braunfels, TX
06/03/2022 : Sundance Steakhouse & Saloon: Fort Collins, CO
06/04/2022 : Wichita County Community Building: Leoti, KS
06/10/2022 : Mule Barn: Justin, TX
06/11/2022 : The Station on 290: Harper, TX
06/12/2022 : Aransas Pass Shrimporee 2022: Aransas Pass, TX
06/17/2022 : Freight Bar Waco: Waco, TX
06/18/2022 : Rhinestone Saloon: Fort Worth, TX
06/23/2022 : The Station At 290 Songwriter Showcase: Harper, TX
06/24/2022 : Taylor Tavern: Driftwood, TX
06/25/2022 : Bowman Backyard: San Antonio, TX
07/01/2022 : Beebe City Park Ball Park: Beebe, AR
07/04/2022 : 4th of July Celebation: Cedar Park, TX
07/08/2022 : South on Main: Little Rock, AR
07/09/2022 : The Texan - A Landmark Venue: Athens, TX
07/14/2022 : BeauxJax Crafthouse: Bossier City, LA
07/16/2022 : Leonard Picnic 2022: Leonard, TX
07/22/2022 : The Dirty South: Angleton, TX
07/23/2022 : The Pub McKinney: Mckinney, TX
07/30/2022 : Cyclone Corral Pit BBQ: Burlington, TX
08/05/2022 : Split Town Tavern: Azle, TX
08/25/2022 : The Nashville Palace: Nashville, TN
08/26/2022 : The Bucket: Charleston, WV
08/27/2022 : Bethpage Camp-Resort: Urbanna, VA
09/10/2022 : The Station on 290: Harper, TX
10/07/2022 : Brisket Love Barbecue & Icehouse: Lindale, TX
10/08/2022 : Palace Theater: Brady, TX
10/14/2022 : Riverbend Pub & Grill: Vanceburg, KY
10/15/2022 : Chances R: Pickerington, OH
10/29/2022 : Mule Barn: Justin, TX

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